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Templates are reusable parts that use HTML and CSS

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Reusable Document Part Relationships
  • Documents Templates can be composed of multiple parts that can be created by different groups of people within orgranizations

  • Document parts are reusable and may themselves refer to other reusable parts

  • Any level of organization, group, and document parts can be customized to meet an organization's requirements
Reusable Document Part Methods
  • Multiple methods can exist within each document part, that can each call any other part's methods

  • Document methods can be repeatedly called and can also accept parameters for conditional processing

  • Document methods are composed of standard HTML tags, CSS properties and extended tags for dynamic layouts

  • All elements tags use Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) properties for document formatting

  • All elements Tags and CSS properties can be created with the included integrated document environment, which features synchronized visual designer and markup editors

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